My little IPv6 adventure ;)

Yeah we have all heard about it. Honestly i really don't know much about it. First some genereal knowledge about IPv6, then i'll get to my little story.

Internet Protocol version 6 or IPv6 is designed to succeed IPv4. These protocols are the standard by which information is sent across internet. One IPv4 address contain 32 bits of information, thus allowing us to create 2^32 number of possible IP addresses. In February 2011, last of these IPv4 addresses were assigned, marking the IPv4 exhaustion.
IPv6 was introduced in 1998 by the Internet Engineering task force to combat the long expected IPv4 exhaustion.

My little IPv6 adventure started with this test from hurricain electrics, where they test your knowledge on networking in relation to implementation of IPv6 protocol. Well, I came to Enthusiast stage with out much problem, but currently having a problem setting up a mail server.

IPv6 Certification Badge for pulasthi

I have successfully setup AAAA record for the mail server and the Mx records. The server got pinged with out a problem. I installed hMailserver and asked it to listen to my IPv6 address on ports 110 for SMTP. But for some reason that i currently don't understand, it is not listening to my IPv6 address. So, there i am stuck in my IPv6 adventure.. ;)


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